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Cartridge filters T-Series

Cartridge filters in the T series are made of high quality stainless steel and can be
supplied for 1, 3, 6, 11, 19, 37 and 73 filter cartridges in lengths of 9 ¾“ to 40“.
The individual cartridge filters in the T series consist of a head and a sump, and are opened and closed using a tri clamp ring. The housing‘s sump is mechanically polished to ensure better cleaning. The inlet and outlet (1“ threads) are arranged opposite each other in the housing head. The housings have a drain in the base (BSP 3I8“). The seal is provided by an NBR O-ring seal. The sealing rings can also be supplied in FPM and EPDM as an accessory. There are four different versions of the housing for the DOE and SOE filter cartridge types. ... Weiterlesen Multi cartridge filters in the T series can be supplied as stainless steel versions (1.4571; 1.4408) or made of special materials such as HASTELLOY for 3 to 73 standard filter cartridges. Depending on the housing type, the filters are supplied with flat or domed lids, with flap lug screws or segment bracket screws, with a loose lid or a lifting and pivoting lid (hand wheel or hydraulic), with a side inlet and with a central base outlet. The housing seal is provided by an NBR seal in the lid area. The sealing rings can also be supplied in different materials such as FPM and EPDM as an accessory. The filters have a drain valve in the housing lid and a drain above the perforated base plate. weniger anzeigen


TypeNumber of cartridgesLengthMaterialConnectionCartridge typeDrainVent

Technical data

Maximum throughput (m³/h)2,44,84,89182736335066
Permissible operating conditions (bar/°C)20 / 12010 / 120
Volume (Liter)1,73.234.6615243342517393
Weight (kg)345,638445056768288
(Inlet/Outlet)1" BSP threadDN 50 / PN 16 Flange

DN 80 Flange DIN2633
Drain3/8" BSP threadG ½" DIN 259G 1" DIN 2986 / 259
Vent-G ¼" DIN 259G ½" DIN 259
Material housingStainless steel 1.4571Stainless steel 1.4408 / 1.4571Stainless steel 1.4571

Material seals

Cartridge length (")10203010203040203040
Number of cartridges1611


Data sheet T-1-10-S-1-1-E-E
PDF | 39 Kb | EN
Data sheet T-1-20-S-1-1-E-E
PDF | 59 Kb | EN
Data sheet T-1-30-S-1-1-E-E
PDF | 39 Kb | EN
Data sheet T-1-40-S-1-1-E-E
PDF | 119 Kb | EN



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