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Filter pads

Polyester filter pads are used as pre-filters and main filters for all ventilation and air conditioning systems. Filters for spray paint systems are used to separate dry dusts and paint mists.
Filter pads
All synthetic filter pads consist of a progressively built up polyester filter medium. The individual fibres are affixed by thermobonding or needling. Chemical bonding agents are not used. Filter pads (G2-G4) can be reused. Fine dust filter pads (M5)
are intended for one-time use. Regeneration is not intended. Nine pad types with various filter classes, thicknesses and flow rates are available. The filter pads are available on the roll ... Weiterlesen or in pieces.

Filters for spray paint systems
Glass fibre filter pads consist of a glass fibre web and are free of silicone and substances that damage paint. The Dust-Stop
filter pads are equipped with an antibacterial dust binding agent to separate dry dusts. Paint-Stop filter pads are used
especially to protect against paint deposits in ventilation ducts, as well as on motors and fans. All glass fibre filter pads are
approved for the automotive industry. weniger anzeigen

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