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Active carbon filter cartridges FK-AK

Active carbon filter candles are used when the purely mechanical filter effect is no
longer sufficient for the loosened substances as they are only of a molecular size.
Water, drinking water, spirits, aqueous and organic solutions (to rectify colour impurities and odour and flavour neutralisation), dechlorination, galvanic baths (removal or organic impurities from nickel and copper baths) ... Weiterlesen You can differentiate between active carbon types according to their raw material sources (hard coal or coconut) and its delivery forms (pellets, blocks, granules or powder). The active carbon impressively adsorbs many loosened substances from fluids, such as oil, grease, pesticides, colourants and other organic bonds that can otherwise not be filtered mechanically.

Excessive chlorine or disinfected ozone react to active carbon and are rendered harmless. Odorous substances can be bound completely and can no longer dissipate. Bitter substances are adsorbed completely and cannot contaminate any food. In the galvanic area, active carbon can be used effectively against disruptive organic bonds. weniger anzeigen

Note: We always recommend rinsing active carbon filters until the fluid is visibly clean at the start. 


Cartridge typeLengthFineness

Technical data

Lengths9 ¾" |  10"" |  19 ½  | 20"" | 29 ¼" |  30" | 39" | 40"
DiameterOD: 64.5 mm | ID: 27 mm
MaterialActive carbon (hard coal, coconut)
Supporting bodies and supporting coresPolypropylene
CasingPolyethylene, sintered
SealsEPDM (flat seals for DOE)
Filter fineness (micron, normal)approx. 10 ?m
Maximum operating temperature70°C for water
Rec. throughput (max.)300 l/h per 10" cartridge length

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