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Multi-layer ring filter bags

For the most applications we have the perfect designed flter bag. These include extended life materials, multi-layer and pleated surfaces.
We ofer 8 diferent types of mulit-layer ring flter bags, which we design individually for you.

Types and applications

Typ 1: Absolute filter bags
Food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, inks, paints, water treatment, microelectronics

Typ 2: Melt blown filter bags
Beer, wine, spirits, part cleaning, varnish, hydraulic oils, lubri- cants, vinegar

Typ 3: High performance filter bag  with dirt holding capacity
Oil adsorption, removing active carbon, varnishes and paints in the automotive industry, oils, slurry

Typ 4: Extended life filter bags
Water treatment, chemicals, paints, varnish, metalworking, glues, petrochemicals

Typ 5: Food-safe filter bags
Food, drinks, pharmaceuticals

Typ 6: High flow filter bags
Paints, varnish, inks, dispersions, resins, water and wastewater treatment, solvents, lubricants, cleaners, drinking water, beer, wine, cooking oils

Typ 7: Economy extended life filter bags
Water treatment, chemicals, paints, varnish, electroplating, glues

Typ 8: Pleated filter bags
Water treatment, chemicals, paints & varnish in the automotive and metalworking industries, petrochemicals


Filter mediumSeriesFinenessSizeCollar

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You would like to get an offer?

  1. Please provide us with material, size and amount so we can develop a nonbinding offer.

You need something concrete?

  1. Whether wire cloth, needle felt or sieve textile – we send you free samples!