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Paint industry

When manufacturing paints, there are often different contaminations getting into the product. These contaminations can be removed with our filter bags:

  • Agglutination of Pigments or fillers, which arise from insufficient dispersion
  • other agglutinations of particles (for example pearlescent pigments)
  • dried residuals of paint due to insufficient cleaning
  • gelantinous particles
  • further contaminations as fibres, dust particles, hairs etc.

These contaminations do not only have a negative influence on the quality of the paint, but also bad influence on the process of production and application:

  • metallic particles coming into the product from a broken screw or a pipeline can damage the pump,
  • spray nozzles could be blocked,
  • contaminations situated in a surface coating can have negative influence on the coating condition, depending on layer thickness and size of the particles.

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