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Depth filter cartridges FK-KL

The temperature-resistant depth filter cartridge from acrylic fibres successfully filters impurities and opacities from liquids
They are produced under strict quality controls and have proven themselves for example when filtering highly concentrated chemicals: Depth filter cartridges from the FK-KL series offer you excellent filtration performance, even during sophisticated processes in your company. Through an innovative procedure, long acrylic fibre connects with phenolic resin during production. ... Weiterlesen If you attach importance to a reproducible, cost-effective filtration, you choose the FK-KL depth filter cartridges. Our clients form the colour, paint, adhesive and chemical industries are very satisfied with the quality and nominal deposition rates of the depth filter cartridges. weniger anzeigen

Why are the FK-KL depth filter cartridges so durable and robust?

Characteristic for the depth filter cartridge is their asymmetric composition. The outer creases have a preliminary filter function. Thanks to their long phenolic resin impregnated acrylic fibres, the filter cartridges are extremely sturdy and do without a support core on the inside. Thanks to the specific manufacturing process, the filtration pores are getting smaller the closer to the core they are. This way, the external surface takes up bigger particles and only smaller suspended solids pass through the core. That increases the dirt holding capacity and dramatically extends the lifespan of the FK-KL depth filter cartridges.

Up to which operating temperatures can you utilize the depth filter cartridges of the FK-KL series?

The FK-KL filter cartridges withstand temperatures of up to 121°C. The manufacturer states a value of 38 litres per minute per 9¾" (248 mm) length for the maximum flow rate. Please bear in mind: An increased initial differential pressure leads to higher flow rates which reduces the life span of the depth filter cartridge FK-KL. We advise to change cartridges upon a differential pressure of 2,5 bar.

With the filter cartridges FK-KL you separate impurities from the following liquids:

  • vanishes, colours, printing inks, inks
  • adhesives, polymers (synthetic resins, natural resins), waxes
  • solvents
  • chemicals
  • emulsions
  • hydrocarbons
  • fuels, petroleum
  • paints
  • cooling water and wastewater
  • organic foods like ether
  • animal and vegetable oils
  • lubricants and hydraulic liquids
  • plastics
  • coatings, photo emulsions

We recommend not to filter foods or beverages with the depth filter cartridge FK-KL. Our experience has shown that products of the pleated filter cartridges are more suitable for this industry.

Benefits of the filtration with the depth filter cartridge FK-KL:

  • filter cartridge without support core
  • ideal filtration results, even in sophisticated processes
  • asymmetric composition with preliminary and secondary filter function
  • excellent acrylic material with long fibres
  • sturdy filter structure for long service lives
  • distinguished dirt absorption
  • withstands low differential pressure without problems
  • good throughput for highly viscous and strongly pigmented liquids
  • efficiently removes opacities and contaminations

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Cartridge type Length Filter fineness
FK-KL 9 75

Technical data

Lengths: 9 ¾"  |  10"  |  19 ½"  |  20"  |  29 ¼"  |  30"  |  39"  |  40"  |  50"
Diameter: AD: 64 mm | ID: 26,5 mm
Filter fineness (micron nominal): 1  |  5  |  10  |  25  |  50  |  75  |  100  |  125  |  150
Pressure resistance: 9 bar at 20°C
8,6 bar at 38°C
6,2 bar at 65°C
4,5 bar at 82°C
1,7 bar at 121°C
Maximum differential pressure: 2,5 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 121 °C
Rec. throughput (max.): ca. 38 l/min per 9 ¾" cartridge length

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