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Multi-layer ring filter bags made of needle felt, melt-blown fabrics, fleece and woven mesh

Multi-layer ring filter bags contain multiple layers made of different materials such as needle felt or melt-blown fabrics. They serve as high-quality depth filters and can be used in a wide range of filtration processes for oils and varnishes.
Multi-layer ring filter bags can be single-layer for longevity, combine different filter materials or have pleated surfaces. They are used for filtering corrosive chemicals, aggressive solvents, paints, varnishes and even foods in high-temperature environments. They are easy to use and save time whenever filter housings are available. Particles and other contaminants are captured and contained by the multiple layers within the filter bags.
Our multi-layer ring filter bags significantly reduce set-up times and save valuable time in production. They reduce the number of filter bags needed, helping to lower waste costs. Our different series offer the right ring filter bag for every application. Choose the one for your needs – you will be impressed with the result!

Typ 1: Absolute filter bags

For foods, drinks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, inks, paints, water treatment and micro-eletronics.

Typ 2: Melt blown filter bags

For beer, wine, spirits, parts cleaning, varnishes, hydraulic oils, lubricants and vinegars.

Typ 3: High performance filter bag  with dirt holding capacity

For oil adsorption, removing activated carbon, filtering paints and varnishes in the automotive industry, oils and slurry.

Typ 4: Extended life filter bags

For water treatment, chemicals, paints, varnishes, metalworking, glues and petrochemicals.

Typ 5: Food-safe filter bags

For foods, drinks and pharmaceuticals.

Typ 6: High flow filter bags

For paints, varnishes, inks, dispersions, resins, water and wastewater treatment, solvents, lubricants, cleaning liquids, potable water, beer, wine and cooking oils.

Typ 7: Economy extended life filter bags

For water treatment, chemicals, paints, varnishes, electroplating and glues.

Typ 8: Pleated filter bags

For water treatment, chemicals, petrochemicals as well as paints and varnishes in the automotive industry and in metalworking.

Good for the environment

Our filter bags are not only high-quality but also support your business in meeting environmental regulations. For example, our filters make it possible to re-use water from production facilities in other areas. They save you both effort and money because you will use up fewer filter bags, reducing waste.

High quality

At Schwegmann, we prioritise high quality and safety. We have been your trusted partner and specialist for filter bags in Germany since the 1960s. All our filter bags are produced in accordance with strict quality standards. The filter material we use contains little silicone, which means that our filters do not damage painted surfaces with residue and can be used in food production.

Made for your needs

Can’t find the filter you’re looking for? No problem – we make filter bags that are custom-tailored for your specific needs. You can also find other filter products on our website, such as filter cartridges, air filters and special filter designs.

If you have any questions, we are always available to recommend the right housing for your filter, tell you about other filtration options or share our experience to help optimise your filtration processes. Get in touch with us through our website; we look forward to hearing from you!


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