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Filter system Clean-Pack CP

This filter system is perfectly suited for fast and clean filtration.
If you do not want to clean your filter housing between product changes, if you want to protect the user and the working environment from toxicity, if hygiene and cleanliness are very important, then the clean-pack filter system is the right choice.

The most common reason for using the clean packs is the elimination of the annoying cleaning effort and the associated time saving. Depending on the throughput quantity, we have the clean packs with 1, 3 or 7 filter candles in lengths 5 ", 10" and 20 ". ... Weiterlesen We are also happy to offer alternative candle materials as well as suitable filter housings.

Application areas
Colour kitchens in the automotive industry, parts painting and coating systems, inks and colour production, coating production, solvent production, chemical production, filling lines weniger anzeigen


TypeNumber of cartridgesLengthFinenessCartriges type

Technical data

Lengths:5" I 10" I 20" I 30"
Number of cartridges:1 I 3 I 7 pieces
Filter fineness (Mikron):0,5 I 1 I 5 I 10 I 20 I 30 I 50 I 75100 I 150 I 200
Maximum differential pressure:2,5 bar
Material top plate:Polypropylene
Material cartridge and core:Polypropylene
Protective bag:HDPE (reinforced polyethylene)

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You would like to get an offer?

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