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General principle

The most important purpose of a company surely is to make profit, as this is a presupposition to keep and save the independence of a company in the long run. But profit can only be obtained by reaching a number of further entreprenenial goals:

Quality / Customer's satisfaction - We are aware of the fact, that our customer's confidence and acknowledgement can only be gained, if our products meet our customer's high expectations concerning quality and utility. For this, a reliable way of working that takes schedules into consideration is of importance.

Flexibility - Our filter products are used in a wide range of applications in many different branches. Therefore we have to keep up the structures of our organisation in a way which enables us to deal with the individual requirements of our customers and to offer individual solutions.

Transparency - working with our clients and with each other, we set our stakes on reliability, honesty, openess and transparency. A clear structure of organisation, as well as a plain system of our aims produces confidence - confidence of our business partners as well as confidence within our company.

Motivation - motivated colleagues work harder than others and identify more with our company. It is therefore our duty to arrange our working conditions in such a way that creates and maintains the already existing, positive climate in our company. This is to be enhanced by a style of leadership that is based on cooperation and that supports the communication within our company.

Environment - the development of our company should not only be reached by making profit, but also by treating our environment with responsibility. We, as a company, but also as the people working here, consider ourselves part of our environment, which must be kept in balance.

Survey - Our company aims consist of a complicated network of different goals presented here in a more general manner. Of course, making profit is the highest aim we have in order to save the future of our company, but we will not subordinate our fundamental values to the highest possible profit.

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