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Pleated filter cartridges FKP

These candles have a pleated surface that enables a long service life if filtration
performance is high.
Food, drinks, aqueous solutions, chemicals, drinking water,
pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, process water, reverse osmosis
pre-filtration, printing inks, wine pre-filtration, magnetic tape
dispersions, venting and bleeding filters, oil, gas, inks. ... Weiterlesen Properties (depending on the range)
- Materials: Polypropylene, borosilicate microfibres
- Absolute filter candles with a filter efficiency of 99.98%
- Nominal filter candles with a filter efficiency of 90%
- FDA-, USP-compliant
- Sterilisation / in-line sterilisation / autoclavable weniger anzeigen


Cartridge typeSeriesLengtFinenessVersionSeal


DOE open on both sides(0)
SOE 226-O-rings + bayonet / end cap(1)
SOE 222-O-rings / spear(2)
SOE 226-O-rings + bayonet / spear(3)
SOE 222-O-rings / polypropylene end cap(4)
DOE internal O-rings(5)
SOE internal O-ring(6)

Technical data

Lengths9 ¾"  |  10"  |  20"  |  30"  |  40
DiameterOD: 69 mm / ID: 25.4 mm bzw. 27.9 mm
Filter fineness (micron)from 0.2 to 100 ?m (absolute or nominal)
Maximum differential pressure5.2 bar at 20°C
Maximum operating temperature80°C

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