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Ring filter bags with metal rings


Our ring filter bags are made for use with closed bag filter housings and are compatible with all commonly available bag filters.

Filter bags by Schwegmann are a safe, high-quality product made in Germany. They fulfil many different roles in the industry, including in the production of paints and varnishes, printing inks, chemicals and solvents. They are used whenever open filtration with filter bags is not possible because of higher throughputs, higher pressures, higher temperatures or aggressive materials – or simply to ensure better protection of workers.

Our filter bags include a ring made from galvanized steel or stainless steel in their collar, allowing simple installation. Bag filters in sizes R1 and R2 additionally come with two handles, further facilitating installation and removal. Upon request, we can also provide filter bags in individual sizes, including in smaller batches, with the bags’ circumference and length fully customizable to your needs.


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With filter bags available in 6 different materials and 23 different mesh sizes, we have the right filter bag for all your needs. You can choose from the following:

Sieve textile / Mesh:

  • Polyamide mesh monofilament (Nylon)
  • Polyester mesh monofilament
  • Polyproylene mesh monofilament
  • Polyamide Carbon mesh monofilament
  • PTFE / ETFE mesh monofilament

Needle felt:

  • Polyester needle felt
  • Polypropylene needle felt
  • Polyamide needle felt (Nylon)
  • Nomex® needle felt

Filter bags with metal-ring collars – also with stainless steel

The galvanized steel ring in our ring filter bags makes sure that the bag remains securely attached in its position within the filter housing. A stainless-steel version is available upon request. If your filtration process does not allow steel, we also offer plastic rings made from materials such as Polypropylene.

Handles for easy installation and removal

Thanks to two handles integrated into the collar, our filter bags can be easily installed and removed from the filter housing. If you require only one handle instead, we also offer ring filter bags with a single handle.

Needle-felt filter bags for reliable filtration

Ring filter bags made from needle felt reliably filter gelatinous particles and guarantee depth filtration. Needle-felt filter bags are designed for single use only, as the felt traps dirt and particles and cannot be cleaned.

Compatible with all commonly available bag filters

Our filter bags can be used with all closed bag filter housings and are compatible with all commonly available bag filters.

We have been offering high-quality filtration products since the 1960s. If you have any questions, we are always available to recommend the right housing for your filter, tell you about other filtration options or share our experience to help optimise your filtration processes. Get in touch with us through our website – we look forward to hearing from you!


Filter mediumMesh openingSizeCollar

Standard sizes in cm


Special sizes in cm

­­1810,5Custom-made product according to your size specifcations
LSpecial length

Filter medium

Filter mediumCodeFilter fineness / Mesh opening in microns
Polyamide monofilamentPA
Polyamide needlefeltNY
Polyester monofilamentPES
Polyester needle feltPE
Polypropylene monofilamentPS
Polypropylene needlefeltP


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You would like to get an offer?

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