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Sieve bags and filter bags – for economic open filtration of small batches

Sieve bags and filter bags provide an alternative to mechanical filters for small batches that is both cost-effective and practical.
Sieve and filter bags by Schwegman are the German original. They were invented and patented in the 1960s by Bernd Schwegmann, who called them “sieve sachets”. Made from polyamid monofilament and needle felt, sieve and filter bags are durable and perfectly suited for filtering liquids. They are used primarily in industrial operations, such as in the production of paints, varnishes, cosmetics, foods and pharmaceuticals as well as in filtration systems where no filter housing is available or converting filtration units would be too expensive.
Schwegmann sieve and filter bags are highly flexible and versatile. Heat setting the filament means that the mesh size for each type of bag is clearly defined, so you can choose the exact size depending on which particle size you need to filter out. Our bags come in rectangular or round shapes, with a seam tape for stability and a drawstring that allows easy installation.

We have been producing high-quality sieve and filter bags for several decades, using the following media:

  • Polyamide mesh (nylon)
  • Polyester mesh
  • Polyproylene mesh
  • Polyamide carbon mesh
  • Polyamide needle felt (nylon)
  • Polyester needle felt
  • Polypropylene needle felt
  • Nomex® needle felt
  • PTFE / ETFE mesh

Sieve bags – reusable, flexible and easy to clean

Sieve bags are made from monofilament textile and are perfectly suited for filtering solid particles. Thanks to the drawstring sewn into each bag’s opening, they can be installed quickly and easily at any outlet without the need for tools. Additional aids for installation, such as straps and cable ties, are available upon request. Sieve bags can be replaced quickly and easily for any product change. Our large selection of different mesh sizes allow for high flow rates and versatility. Depending on your use case, the bags can be cleaned and used multiple times. We also offer custom-tailored sieve bags for your needs in any size, shape and quantity.

Needle-felt filter bags for depth filtration

Needle-felt filter bags are ideal for filtering gelatinous particles. These bags can only be used once as the particles get caught in the felt, which cannot be cleaned.

Sieve bags for filtering foods (declaration of conformity)

High quality and safety are of the utmost importance to us. We offer sieve bags with a declaration of conformity for use in the food and animal feed industries. These bags are manufactured and packed in accordance with EU regulations 1935/2004 and 10/2011. They are certified for food-contact applications and meet high product-safety standards.

Double-layer sieve bags for exact results via depth filtration

Double-layer sieve bags are the right choice for applications that require more than one filter layer, a supporting media or filtering both solid and gelatinous particles. Where regular filters are not sufficient, double-layer sieve bags produce convincing results thanks to depth filtering.

Antistatic sieve bags for reducing electric discharge

Antistatic sieve bags are used for filtering materials that are electrostatically charged. The electrically conductive strands sewn into the filter mesh reliably prevent electric discharge. The mesh does not clog up and the risk of discharge (sparking) is reduced. Compared to metal filters, polyamide fibres can be processed in a large variety of ways.

Round-bottom sieve bags (also available as U- or V-shapes)

Standard sieve bags end in a flat seam. Round-bottom sieve bags offer an alternative that provides more filter surface (available for bags with diameters starting from 5 cm). We can also manufacture sieve bags with U- or V-shape (tapered) seams upon request.

In addition to our standard models, we also offer individual filters custom-tailored for your specific needs. Please get in touch with us via our website – we look forward to hearing from you and can provide you with free samples.


Filter mediumMesh openingSize

Sizes (flat dimensions)

W101515Custom-made product according to your size specifcations

Filter medium

Filter mediumCodeFilter fineness / Mesh size in microns
Polyamide monofilamentPA
Polyester monofilamentPES
Polyamide CarbonPAC
Polyester needle feltPE
Polypropylene needle feltP


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