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Bag filters PL

The special design features is the one-piece base body made of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene or PVDF for high corrosion resistance.
Plastic bag filter housings are free of metal parts that are at risk of corrosion. The glass fibre reinforced propylene or PVDF housings are used when filtering very aggressive fluids. ... Weiterlesen Function
Bag filters comprise three components: the filter housing, the pressure absorption basket and the filter bag. Filtration is carried out from inside to outside. The fluid to be filtered (suspension) enters the filter via the inlet, flows through the filter bag that is reinforced by the pressure absorption basket and exits through the floor outlet. A displacer can be used to reduce the residual contamination quantity. The solids that are in the
bag can be disposed of easily, as the bag retains only a small amount of residual fluid thanks to its low tare volume.

Advantages and uses
The integrated clamping flange enables reliable floor attachment. The bag filter is opened manually. No special tools are required. There are two floor connections on opposite sides and they can also be used as drains or product outlets. The product outlet can therefore be placed on the same side as the product inlet or on the opposite side of the bag filter. This makes installation significantly easier. The connections are provided as threads or a flanges. The inner housing is made easier to clean thanks to the base body‘s one-piece design. weniger anzeigen


TypeNumber of bagsSizeMaterialPressureConnectionConnection type

Technical data

Bag size:1     | 2     (see Ring filter bags)
Maximum operating data (bar):10   | 10   (7 bar for the PVDF housing)
Maximum throughput (m³/h):12   | 24
Material:Polypropylene (PVDF also possible for size 2)
Connections:2“ threads – DN50 (M) | DN50 Flange (F)


Data sheet PL-1-1-P-10-DN50-F
PDF | 64 Kb | EN
Data sheet PL-1-1-P-10-DN50-M
PDF | 65 Kb | EN
Data sheet PL-1-2-P-10-DN50-F
PDF | 319 Kb | EN
Data sheet PL-1-2-P-10-DN50-M
PDF | 319 Kb | EN
Technical data sheet Bag filters
PDF | 27 Kb | EN


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