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Filter bags

Filter bags for the open fltration are used for smaller batches,  if the use of mechanical flters would be uneconomical.

Filter bags from monoflament textile
The flter bags are made from monoflament textile are per- fect for screening solid particles. The flter bags can be fxed below any outlet quickly, easily and without tools. The band seal in the bag opening is suitable for this. Other fastening options as cords and cable ties are available upon request. ... Weiterlesen When changing the product, the flter bags are simply replaced quickly. Thanks to the wide range of various mesh openings, the flter bags can be used fexibly in many diferent appli- cations. Depending on the use, they can also be washed and therefore used multiple times. weniger anzeigen

Filter bags from needle felt
In comparison to the monoflament flter bags, the needle felt flter bags are for fltering formable particles. The flter bags can only be used once, as particles are trapped in the felt and the felt can therefore no longer be used.

Filter bags with declaration of conformity
We supply flter bags with a declaration of conformity for use in the food and feeding stuf industries. The flter bags are manufactured and packed in accordance with the regulations in EU Regulations 1935/2004 and 10/2011.

Double layer flter bags
If one layer of monoflament textile is insufcient, a suppor- ting screen is required or if both solid and formable particles have to be screened, the double layer flter bags are the per- fect choice.

Antistatic flter bags
Antistatic flter bags are used when screening materials that are electrostatically charged. Electrically conductive fbres that are integrated into the monoflament safeguard reliably against the discharge efect. The meshes no lon- ger become blocked and the danger of electrical discharge (spark formation) reduces. The beneft when compared to metal screens is the versatile processing options provided by the polyamide fbres.

Filter bags with round bottom | U-form | V-form
The standard screening bag is sewn with a fat bottom. We can provide a round bottom as an alternative for a larger fl- ter surface. We can manufacture this cylindrical shape as of a diameter of 5 cm. Upon request, we can also manufacture the flter bag's bottom as a U-form or a V-form.


Filter mediumMesh openingSize

Sizes (flat dimensions)

W101515Custom-made product according to your size specifcations

Filter medium

Filter mediumCodeFilter fineness / Mesh size in microns
Polyamide monofilamentPA
Polyester monofilamentPES
Polyamide CarbonPAC
Polyester needle feltPE
Polypropylene needle feltP


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