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Former filters

Paper former filters, folding filters and funnels from monofilament textile are perfect for open filtration of small batches in laboratories or technical centres.

Paper former filters are made of solid paper and have a monofilament textile insert on the bottom. They are mainly used to screen varnishes, paints, glues, etc. The former filters are ideal for screening small quantities such as those that occur in laboratories. We can also provide holders and dispensers as accessories.

Folding filters are also made of solid paper, in which precision and standard textile is used. In contrast to paper former filters, folding filters can be produced with various mesh openings.

Funnels made of monofilament textile have a defined mesh opening and provide the user with a larger screening surface area than the paper former filters due to the range of various sizes. They can be supplied with or without a band.


Filter mediumMesh openingSize

Sizes in cm

­­15Custom-made product according
 to your size specifcations

Filter medium

Filter typeCodeMesh opening in microns
Paper former filtersTS
Folding filtersFS
Polyamide monoflamentPA
Polyester monoflamentPES
Polyester needle feltPE
Polypropylene needle feltP


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